s devoted tea-wayfarers of many years, we have passed through the labyrinth of tea-related information available in English—from the time when there was nothing in print or online to a world full of books, magazines and websites. There truly is a bewildering array of often-conflicting viewpoints on any given issue, and without the ability to speak and/or read Chinese development comes slowly. Our goal is not to add more noise and confusion to the discussion, but to provide a pure-hearted voice from experts that are, at least here, offering wisdom in the true spirit of tea—no matter what you choose to do with it.

We believe that the future of periodicals is a digital one. Respect for Nature plays a large part in tea growth, production and preparation. For that reason The Leaf is only available online. You may, however, receive a free black & white copy of the latest issue when you donate twenty-five dollars or more.